Stephen Donald Eyewear offer the best looking spectacles, but the vision through the lenses is just as important. We use lens manufactures Zeiss, Hoya and Essilor for their excellent optical qualities. Hoya’s new 1.74 Bi-aspheric is the world’s thinnest and lightest lens for both long and shortsighted prescriptions. This thin lens is available in single vision and varifocal options.

New high tech varifocal designs give clear vision at all distances with the invention of freeform technology. This individual design has used the latest developments to increase stability while on the move, eliminating peripheral blurring and sharpening computer and near vision. Hoya Mystyle V+ tailored varifocal is available in standard, super thin and Transition options.

For those who struggle in sunlight, Stephen Donald have launched Transitions 7, which has been produced with the most advanced photochromic crystal technology. Wearers will notice quicker reaction times when going from clear to dark, and rapid fade back when going indoors. Also Transitions 7 blocks all harmful UV light.

Our on-site glazing lab allows your spectacles to be produced while you wait by experienced technicians.