Nottingham Opticians warns about Blue Light

Nottingham Optician Provides Key to a Good Night’s Sleep.

If you have been wondering why your children can’t sleep after playing on iPads or you can’t sleep after reading that late night email from your boss on your smartphone, too much Blue Light could well be the cause!

As a nation we are spending more time than ever using electronic gadgets. The latest smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs enrich our lives in many ways but experts are now advising us of the negative health impacts that can arise from overuse.

A Nottingham optician is warning that as well as impacting on our sleep patterns, many adults who come into contact with digital screens throughout the day, may experience other conditions such as eye fatigue, blurry vision, red and irritated eyes and headaches. It seems that a phenomenon known as blue light is the culprit.

Restrict Blue Light Before Lights Out

Kevin Wood from Stephen Donald Eyewear in Nottingham explains: “Blue light occurs naturally in daylight and it is what helps us stay awake throughout the day. However, it is also emitted from all our favourite tech devices. Staring at smartphones, computer screens and even the TV before bedtime can overstimulate the brain and lead to a poorer quality of that all important sleep. Blue light emitted from the devices stimulates the nervous system and interferes with our natural body clock.”

Communications regulator Ofcom supports this and has found that UK adults now spend more time using technology devices than they do sleeping. According to its August 2014 Communications Market Report, which surveyed 2,800 UK adults and children, UK adults spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day using technology devices compared with the average night’s sleep of eight hours and 21 minutes. With statistics such as this it’s no wonder our bodies are having a reaction.

As Kevin points out: “Digital eyestrain is not restricted to young people playing on computers or tablets or those who sit in front of a PC at work all day. Most of us don’t notice just how long we spend each day staring at a screen of one kind or another and we’re not aware that peering into high energy visible blue light which is emitted by electronic devices for hours can adversely impact on our eyes and body systems.”

“Stay at home parents and senior citizens are clocking up more hours in front of digital devices than they perhaps realise. As well as increasing exposure to blue light, exposure to digital technology is also making demands on our eyes as they have to refocus constantly when using mobile screens as we often hold them at a short distance.”

New Lenses Available in Nottingham

Safeguarding healthy eyes is paramount in today’s world as we embrace the screen age. Concerned about the number of clients presenting with eye complaints attributable to the use of digital devices, Kevin Wood recommends the prescription of a new type of spectacle lens which look just like ordinary spectacles but with the hidden benefit of filtering out blue light and reducing eye strain.

Available at Stephen Donald Eyewear, the only stockists in the East Midlands, Hoya BlueControl lenses neutralise the blue light emitted by digital screens to prevent the eyes becoming tired and irritated. The lenses also help to reduce glare and enhance contrast which makes colours on the screen more natural and vivid, helping to make vision more relaxed and comfortable.

Case Study

One person who uses the lenses is IT consultant Aiden Brealey. “Given the nature of my job I was undoubtedly being exposed to more blue light than the average person and was certainly having difficulty sleeping at night, especially if I had been working late. Being a former optician I was aware of blue light and Kevin advised me to try the new Hoya lenses. Kevin is always aware of the latest developments in eye wear and I have noticed a marked improvement since using the new lenses. My quality of sleep has improved and I have found myself less tired due to eye strain.”

Tips for Better Eye Health

You may have recognised one or more of the symptoms caused by using digital devices. Here Kevin Wood provides his top practical tips to help you to keep your eyes healthy in the digital age.

  1. Make sure you keep enough distance between your eyes and the screen. For computers and laptops it is best to position your screen at arm’s length.  This medium range helps prevent unnecessary fatigue caused by squinting or continuously repositioning the head and neck to accommodate prescription glasses.
  2. Hand-held devices should be kept a safe distance from your eyes and just below eye level. While you may be able to read better at a short distance, it can cause irritated eyes, strain and pain.
  3. When it comes to height, a computer or television screen should always be placed directly in front of your face, and slightly below eye level so that the viewing angle does not exceed 35 degrees.
  4. Simple practical steps such as reducing the glare from your machine by adjusting the background from bright white to grey and increasing the font size so that you can see the screen content more easily can help prevent eye strain.
  5. Try and take regular breaks by looking away from the screen for about 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Even making sure you blink more often can help your eyes to focus.

Through using a combination of the latest lenses and simple methods such as those outlined above it is possible for all people to improve eye health and get a good night’s sleep.


Michael Kors Eyewear coming soon to Stephen Donald Eyewear

Stephen Donald Eyewear are proud to announce the launch of the new eyewear range by Michael Kors in 2015.  We will be stocking the sunglasses and spectacle range from our Nottingham showroom from spring 2015.  The spectacle designs consist of modern ladies plastics to elegant metal frame styles.  The look ranges from statement logo designs to lightweight easy wearing acetate frames.  The common theme brought into the Michael Kors range is the use of rose gold metal in most of the models.  This rose gold finish has been taken from the Kors watch and jewellery lines which have used this colour metal in the past few seasons.

Michael Kors became famous in the fashion world over the past 2 decades designing wearable clothes and accessories, but in resent years hit the TIME 100 list by designing dresses for famous stars like Alicia Keys, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.  The MK brand has been most known for watch and bag lines, but the new 2015 collection of spectacles and sunglasses which is designed and manufactured by Italian eyewear icons Luxottica, who also own Ray-Ban and Oakley eyewear will become their number one product.

For advice on the upcoming launch of Michael Kors eyewear, please telephone Stephen Donald Eyewear on 01159582888 or call into our Nottingham city centre practice we will be showing this range from march 2015.michaelkors1

Pretty Pastels

This winters most popular eyewear trend consists of delicate pastel shades and elegant detailing. Choose from pearlescent white, palest pink, mink and pale ice blue. Shapes are very feminine with rounded cats eye, soft curves and pretty ovals. Luxury detailing references soft lace, pretty pearls and shimmering jewels.










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